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Here at the Royal Palace you will find all kinds of fun and exciting videos on your most valued products. You will also find my honest opinions, my witty nature, and my passion for quality products, combined with my love for shopping around. I will also give you links to the quality products I’ve tried and trust in my home with my family. I will provide pictures and video examples so that you will get first hand experience (almost as if you already purchased the product or service yourself). I also offer candid discussions on topics you have never even imagined the queen talking about (all in good nature, of course!) We’ve got so much to share with you here in the Palace and we hope you tell a friend, to tell a friend, and so on…

The Queen’s Requests:

We want you to know that we value your opinions and respect your ideas, but we also ask that you do the same. We strive to keep things lighthearted and comical, because that is who we are and do not want to present anything other than that. This is a family-friendly site, so we ask that you do not use any vulgar, rude, discriminatory, or any other languages unworthy of being said in church or in front of your own mother, pastor, the President or other highly respected figures. I ask that if you do have any negative remarks and would like to address the Queen, kindly email: All comments and opinions will be respected here and are welcomed!

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The Queen welcomes all review requests and suggestions. Remember not all requests or suggestions will be used or reviewed, but the Queen will definitely try anything once, if it’s worth it! You can trust that the Queen will deliver the most honest opinions, stats, and personal reviews of that product or service. No idea is too insane and all ideas will be considered, so send them to the Queen at:

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I look forward to connecting with you soon!

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